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Dying to start a business?

Hey, future business owner. If you’re here, you’re probably thinking that starting your own clothing business might be overwhelming. You’re not sure if you’re cut out for that #entreprenuerlife.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of launching a brand for years, but you’re having trouble getting started because of the belief that you are not the “business owner type” – whatever that’s supposed to mean.

It’s true – there are about a gazillion things to manage with owning an online store.

But the real truth is, nobody is born knowing how to run a successful business….everyone has to learn it from somewhere.

Running a profitable online store is a skill that requires:

  1. learning the steps,
  2. creating a plan, and
  3. adapting as you go.

So let’s make it happen!

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It’s time to get strategic.

Your online store can only be as successful as your strategies, which come from your analysis of competition, market trends, and your performance.

When you join the ecommerce LAUNCH program, you’ll develop strategic decision-making skills and put proven processes in place, so you can stop wondering:


  • What products are in demand for 2023?
  • How do I choose a product niche?
  • How much inventory do I need to start?
  • How do I set prices for my products?
  • How do I know if a manufacturer is ethical?
  • How do I make my brand sustainable?
  • And how do I attract my first customers?!
Launch Checklist for Fashion Designers & Boutique Owners: Planning, Product, Processes, Presentation, & Performance

Learn The Ecommerce Skills You’ve Been Missing

6-Month Launch Program

Become the CEO of your dreams & make money-making decisions like a boss. You’ll get step-by-step guidance on how to launch your fashion business, and learn how to:

  1. create a business plan
  2. find your sourcing partners
  3. learn & implement ecommerce best-practices

You’ll also get ✨lifetime access✨ to our growing library of fashion startup tools, including video trainings, business planning tools, report templates, and exercises to help sharpen your business-owner mindset and take strategic, business-driving actions.

The LAUNCH program is designed for: 

Fashion Designers
Talented clothing and accessories designers seeking support in the business side of fashion.
Small Business Owners
Physical store owners looking to grow an online presence & establish a profitable product strategy.
Online Entrepreneurs
Ecommerce stores in need of sophisticated planning, production, & investment guidance.
Hi, I'm Taylor Daniel, CEO and Founder of FOMO agency Fashion Business Coaching.


I’ve worked in the fashion industry for nearly two decades, and have planned hundreds of successful product strategies for global brands like Levi’s, Old Navy, and more.

My mission today is helping small businesses find success by sharing retail business planning & strategy secrets that the big box retailers don’t want you to know about.

As a small business owner, you need processes that gives you the financial freedom you need to: ditch your 9-to-5, spend more time with your family, and above all, do more of what you love. I’d be honored to help you make it happen.

What clients are saying…

“I cannot recommend Taylor any higher for her insights, time, and attention committed to all of her clients – even on group coaching calls!”

– Alice, Women’s Apparel & Accessories

“I’ve already learned so much in this program, and I’m only halfway through!! I could never figured all this out without your support.”

-Emily, Women’s Athletic Apparel

“The launch program has seriously helped me bring my business to life faster than I ever could have on my own! Thank you for everything!”

– Amelia, Baby Apparel 

LAUNCH Coaching is for you if…

  • You feel uncertain of the steps required to launch your online business
  • You are a passionate entrepreneur, dedicated to growing your fashion brand
  • You invest in yourself, tools, and strategies to grow beyond your limits
  • You want to improve your business acumen and strategic decision-making
  • You want more freedom from being your own boss
  • You want guidance from someone with real experience in the industry
  • You are committed to learning new skills to get the results you want
Merch With Taylor Ecommerce Coaching for Fashion Designers & Fashion Entrepreneurs - Features include weekly coaching sessions, video training library, tools & templates library, email support, and a facebook community of other fashion brand owners just like you.
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Still not convinced?

I get it: change and growth can be pretty uncomfortable, so starting your own online store can seem like the absolute OPPOSITE step to take for some people.

But, here’s a bold statement: I don’t want you to be “comfortable.” I want you to WIN.

And if you really dig deep, isn’t it possible that you’re here because you don’t want comfort? You don’t want average? Perhaps…you want more?

I’m not going to lie to you and say that launching a fashion brand is easy. Because it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Owning an online store can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

I want you to succeed, and I know you have what it takes to make it happen. Let’s schedule a call and get you on your way to building something incredible.

Cheers to your success! 🥂


Taylor J. Daniel, FOMO agency Fashion Coach, Signature

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