Get the tools & expertise to turn your fashion boutique into a wildly successful online business.

You’ve had a taste of success, but your online store has hit a wall?

You’ve invested time, energy, and resources building your ecommerce brand, but your results are still not where you want them to be. You’re tired of spending cold-hard cash on inventory that just doesn’t deliver on your financial goals.

Does any of this sound like you?

“I’m constantly guessing what products my customers want.”

“I’m always running promotions, desperate for sales!”

“I’m unsure how to measure performance of my online store.”

“I’m struggling to manifest the success I want, and I need help.”


Click here: Merchandise Assortment Planning Services for Fashion Boutiques and Business Owners

Growing your online boutique does not have to be mysterious!

You want results: more sales, more returning customers, and consistent, repeatable growth

With our proven methods, you will:


Organize, analyze, and interpret your business data into actionable investment strategies


Control the flow of inventory in your business so you can buy new merchandise regularly


Conduct competitive research to set prices and promotions your customers crave


Develop a rich brand identity that resonates with your ideal customers


Set sales and inventory targets, and develop strategic action plans to achieve them


Learn how to make enough money to pay yourself and re-invest in your business


Merchandising Support for Fashion Brands.

With the help of retail and ecommerce professionals with decades of experience, you can transform your business into a profit-machine!

Merchandising Consulting

Work directly with a retail planning expert to organize your data, analyze results, and make a plan to grow your fashion boutique.

Merchandising Resources

Articles, docs, downloads, & templates to help shop owners go from dazed-&-confused to business-savvy-decision-maker.

Merchandising Workshops

Guided instruction to understand your retail metrics, plan and control your inventory, and create a winning merchandise plan.

Merchandising is your KEY to success.

Before launching our boutique coaching business, our team members worked for some of the world’s most well-known retail brands. Merchandising, inventory planning, and strategy is what we do best.


Years of Experience

31 K

SKUs Managed

34 M

Units Sold


Stores Helped

Merchandising Support is for you if…

  • You are a passionate business owner, dedicated to growing your fashion boutique
  • You are seeking more financial freedom from your online store
  • You invest in tools and strategies and to grow your business
  • You want to improve your business acumen and strategic decision-making
  • You are committed to learning new skills to improve your results
  • You feel short on staff or expertise to accomplish all of your objectives

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What clients say about FOMO agency.


“I cannot recommend [FOMO agency] any higher for their professionalism, personalization, and time they commit to all of their clients.”


“What in the world would I do without you? I’d be so lost! I am overly grateful for everything! Thank you, Taylor and the entire FOMO team.”


“I trust you 100% with my business. I’ve wanted to get organized for so long, and thank goodness I found you! You are freakin’ amazing!”

Let’s get to work on your Merchandise Plan.

Our services are highly personalized becuase every boutique is unique. Contact us to get started. We’ll get to know one another, and determine if we are a good fit to work together.